CSCRS Webinar Series

CSCRS’s bimonthly webinar series focuses on multidisciplinary research and practices to advance transportation safety. The series frequently features principles and practices related to Safe Systems and the role of systems science, which is a core theme in CSCRS’s initiatives.  

Upcoming webinars

Assessing Tesla Model 3s’ Autopilot Interactions with the Driver Monitoring System 

September 30, 2020, 2-3pm ET

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Presented by: Missy Cummings, Duke University

Webinar description: In order to determine how Tesla Model 3’s perception, autopilot, and driver monitoring systems interact with one another, and also to determine the scale of between- and within-car variability, a series of four on-road tests were conducted. Three sets of tests were conducted on a closed track and one was conducted on a public highway. This webinar will examine the results of those tests, which show wide variability across and within three Tesla Model 3s, with excellent performance in some cases but also likely catastrophic performance in others.


Strengthening Existing and Facilitating New Vision Zero Plans  

December 8, 2020, 2-3pm ET

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Presented by: Kelly Evenson, UNC-Chapel Hill, & Seth LaJeunesse, UNC Highway Safety Research Center

Webinar description:  A Vision Zero plan is a public document that provides the vision for future efforts to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero. Vision Zero planning may be enhanced through the use of high quality plans. Our team abstracted Vision Zero plans and identified ways in which plans could be strengthened. Guidance based on the review of existing plans was recently released in the “Guide to Developing a Vision Zero Plan“. This webinar will discuss the findings from the plan abstraction and provide actionable feedback for communities creating new Vision Zero plans or updating current Vision Zero plans. We will also highlight the Vision Zero library resource.