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2019 Safe Systems Summit: Redefining Transportation Safety

Group Registration

Please read the following information before beginning a group registration.

This registration feature allows one person to register and pay for multiple attendees from the same organization. The person registering the group should register all group members at one time (with the exceptions noted below). After payment is selected, any persons not included with this initial group registration process will have to register separately or with another group.


Required information for group members:

  • First and Last Name
  • Title
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Dietary Restrictions (if any)

Please note:  Do not include the following types of Summit participants in a group registration:

  • Invited speakers
  • Lead author of a research poster

Please remember that the Group Contact, whose information is entered on this form, is not registered for the Summit. The address collected in this form is that of the Organization. If you are the Group Contact and also wish to attend the conference you must enter your information separately as a group member.


To begin the group registration process, the person completing this form should include his/her contact information as the group contact. If more than one group is entered using the same contact email, each group must have a different nickname.

After this information is submitted, the group contact will be directed to individual registration forms (to enter each attendee's information) and then be asked to select a payment option. Payment is accepted by credit card or check. While it is possible to return to the form to finalize registration and submit final payment, payment at time of registration is preferred. Final registration confirmation will be provided via email.


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