It's time for a fresh approach.
The ​Collaborative ​Sciences ​Center ​for ​Road ​Safety ​will ​accelerate ​progress ​in ​reducing ​transport ​injuries ​and ​fatalities ​by ​utilizing ​a ​systems ​approach ​to ​bring ​perspectives ​from ​planning, ​engineering, ​public ​health, ​data ​science ​and ​robotics ​to ​the ​road ​safety ​field.

CSCRS is an integrated national safety center focused on the goal of reducing injuries and saving lives on our roadway system. Moving forward to meet ambitious safety targets requires a rigorous, conceptually driven and focused research agenda.



Our goal to improve road safety in the U.S. depends on a successful, multidisciplinary approach to education and outreach. CSCRS will connect students and faculty across campuses with traditional and non-traditional partners alike.


CSCRS researchers consistently translate research knowledge into practical interventions and programs that are applied at the local, state, national and international levels.

CSCRS Team Meetings

Over the last two weeks CSCRS hosted both its Executive Committee and its Advisory Board for high-level meetings. We had in-depth, dynamic discussions during both meetings about the safe systems approach to road safety, research priorities and much more.

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Take a tour of Duke's HAL Lab

Missy Cummings of Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering offers an inside look at the Duke Humans and Autonomy Lab. The lab focuses on the multifaceted interactions of human and computer decision-making in complex sociotechnical systems with embedded autonomy.

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Our Work is Collaborative

CSCRS is utilizing a collaborative, multidisciplinary systems approach to bring perspectives from planning, engineering, public health, data science and robotics to the road safety field.

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