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CSCRS Announcements

Palcher-Silliman receives CUTC Award for Administrative Leadership
(January 2024)

2023 CSCRS Student of the Year, Joe Beck
(January 2024)

2022 CSCRS Student of the Year, Aqshems Nichols
(January 2023)

2021 CSCRS Student of the Year, Emma Vinella-Brusher
(January 2022)

CSCRS selects 12 new transportation safety research projects
(May 2021)

2020 CSCRS Student of the Year, Benjamin Bauchwitz
(January 2021)

UNC road safety research explores strengthening Vision Zero plans to support injury reductions and health improvements
(December 2020)

2019 CSCRS Student of the Year, Mary Wolfe
(January 2020)

Last chance to register for the Safe Systems Summit
(March 2019)

CSCRS Student of the Year, Ali Boggs, UTK, honored at annual CUTC banquet
(January 2019)

Safe Systems Summit postponed
(September 10, 2018)

CSCRS selects 13 new transportation safety research projects
(May 16, 2018)

UNC’s National University Transportation Center selects first round of research projects
(March 14, 2017)

UNC to lead one of five national transportation centers, focus on road safety
(December 5, 2016)


CSCRS in the Media

Achieving the Vision of Zero Roadway Deaths Through the Safe System Approach
(April 2022) UTC Spotlight newsletter

2020 COVID-Streets Work

How bike-friendly ‘slow streets’ are changing cities
(November 2020) The Life Project BBC News

Tab Combs: Shifting Streets, Viewpoints on Resilient & Equitable Responses to the Pandemic
(September 2020) UNC Center for Urban and Regional Studies 

The Outspoken Cyclist Show #506, Guests: Jesse Anthony; Amy Kapp; Dr. Tab Comb 
(June 2020) The Outspoken Cyclist 

In Pedestrian and Cycling Network—Immediate and Post-Covid Ideas
(April 2020) Switching Gears Bike Radio

The Future Is Now: Toward a better new normal
(July 2020) Chronogram Magazine

Corning Closes Part Of Downtown District To Aid Business Reopenings
(July 2020) WSKG

Biking’s Bedazzling Boom—IEEE Spectrum
(June 2020) IEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Science News

Post-COVID cities face a dilemma—What they do next will define their future
(June 2020) Medium

Post-confinamiento: Cada vez más ciudades cierran sus calles a los coches para dar espacio a los peatones
(April 2020)

The Pandemic Could Be an Opportunity to Remake Cities
(April 2020) Wired

World cities turn their streets over to walkers and cyclists
(April 2020) The Guardian

Mapping How Cities Are Reclaiming Street Space
(April 2020) CityLab

Making Room for Social Distancing, Some City Streets Go Car-Free
(March 2020) Car and Driver


Safety Issues of Tesla: What Customers Should Know
(December 2020) BeFM, Morning Wave In Busan, Korea

Even Elon Musk Abuses Tesla’s Autopilot
(December 2020) Wired

Uber, Lyft … And Now Waymo: The Self-Driving Car Service Hits The Road
(December 2020) On Point

Tesla Incident Shows the Challenges of Stopping a Driverless Car
(December 2020) Automotive

AV testing and levels of autonomy (Episode 18)
(November 2020) Shift

2019 may be year of the driverless car: Here’s where top automakers stand
(November 2020) Washington Examiner

Intrepid Business Travelers Are Finding Another Way to the Airport: Bike
(November 2020) The New York Times

Experts warn technology not the best answer to rash of pedestrian deaths
(October 2020) ABC 11 News

Guiding State Officials on North Carolina’s Future in Autonomous Technologies
(October 2020) Mirage News

Look Who’s Driving
(October 2020) PBS

Shaken by hype, self-driving leaders adopt new strategy: Shutting up
(October 2020) The Washington Post

Fully driverless Waymo taxis are due out this year, alarming critics
(October 2020) Arc Technica

GoTriangle goes green: Electric buses could be in NC’s future
(September 2020) Daily Tar Heel

Before driverless cars come driverless office park shuttles?
(August 2020) Marketplace

No keys to this future: Millennials ditch cars for transit
(August 2020) Mirage News

As deaths mount on Santa Rosa’s Stony Point Road, city is pressed to do more for safety
(July 2020) Santa Rose Press Democrat

San Francisco’s bike lanes lead to fewer fatalities for motorists, too
(June 2020) San Francisco Business Times

The Truth about Autonomy
(May 2020) Harvard Business Review

Making Room for Social Distancing, Some City Streets Go Car-Free
(March 2020) Car and Driver 

Where did the rules of the road come from?
(February 2020) The Urbanist 

Why hospitals are becoming increasingly popular Uber and Lyft destinations
(February 2020) Daily Tar Heel

Electric Scooter Injuries Are on the Rise, Consumer Reports Says
(February 2020) Marketplace

Bike Fatalities Hit 25-Year High in California, Rise Nationwide
(January 2020) US News

Those E-Scooters Might Not Be as Dangerous as You Think
(January 2020) One Zero Medium 

8 Predictions for What the World Will Look Like in 20 Years
(January 2020) New York Magazine 


The ebike trade-off seems to be less exercise, more enjoyment. And fewer showers.
(May 2018) The Washington Post


New Safety UTC Envisions Safe Systems Approach for U.S. Roadways
(October 2017) USDOT UTC Spotlight

GoTriangle goes green: Electric buses could be in NC’s future
(September 2017) Daily Tar Heel

Trends in Automobile Travel, Motor Vehicle Fatalities, and Physical Activity: 2003-2015
(May 2017) American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Cummings Named to New Federal Committee on Automation
(January 19, 2017) Pratt School of Engineering


UNC to lead national transportation safety research effort
(December 6, 2016) The News & Observer



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