Education Activities

Key objectives of CSCRS include developing and delivering courses based on road safety principles and systems-based approaches and methods.

Below are upcoming and recent examples of CSCRS student-focused activities; for more complete coverage of CSCRS’s many student programs, view our semi-annual progress reports.


Events and Conferences

CSCRS-hosted NaTMEC 2021 brought record attendance to virtual format

NaTMEC LogoIn June 2021, CSCRS hosted the National Travel Monitoring Exposition and Conference (NaTMEC), an event designed to provide travel monitoring professionals and transportation data users a forum to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of multimodal traffic monitoring programs. The theme of the 2021 event was “Connecting Travel Monitoring to Transportation System Safety and Mobility.” Approximately 400 attendees – a record for NaTMEC – participated in the virtual conference. Originally scheduled to take place in June 2020 as an in-person event in Raleigh, NC, NaTMEC was rescheduled for 2021 and transformed into an all-online format.

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting – 2022

CSCRS students present regularly at traffic safety-related conferences. This is a list of CSCRS presentations and other activities at the 2020 TRB Annual Meeting.

Safe Systems Summit – 2019

The Safe Systems Summit, held in April 2019, was a key student engagement activity in 2019; 95 students attended. Of particular note was the Student Poster Showcase, offering students the opportunity to display and discuss their transportation-related research, capstone and community projects as poster presentations. The posters were reviewed by a panel of judges and prizes were awarded to the top three posters, including to Duke and UNC students working on CSCRS research projects R9 and R17, respectively.


College Courses

Every term CSCRS consortium partners deliver classes that explore transportation safety issues. Recent examples:

  • UCB Spring – Fall 2021 graduate courses:
    • Injury Prevention and Control. Instructors: David Ragland & Glenn Shor.
    • Traffic Safety and Injury Control. Instructors: David Ragland & Offer Grembek.
    • Transportation Sustainability. Instructor: Susan Shaheen.
    • Quantitative Reasoning for Planners. Instructor: Daniel Rodriguez.

      UNC students presenting projects from the Complete, Safe, Equitable Streets course.

  • UNC DCRP Spring – Fall 2021 graduate courses:
    • Complete, Safe, Equitable Streets. Instructor: Instructor: Tab Combs.
    • Field skills for road safety professionals: new course presented with Town of Chapel Hill to introduce students itidentifying, evaluating, and addressing road safety disparities. Instructor: Tab Combs, with CSCRS guest lecturers Seth LaJeunesse, Wes Kumfer.
  • UNC IPRC Fall 2021 graduate course: Injury as a Public Health Problem. Instructor: Becky Naumann, with CSCRS guest lecturer Katie Harmon.
  • UTK’s Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty offered 11 transportation engineering courses during Spring – Fall 2021 covering transportation engineering I, transportation engineering II, transportation engineering lab, transportation seminar, traffic engineering: characteristics, intelligent transportation systems, analysis techniques for transportation systems i, transportation engineering i, transportation policy and economics, transportation safety, analysis techniques for transportation systems II.


Seminars, Other Events

Coffee and Conversation at UNC Chapel Hill

There have been three iterations of the UNC’s Coffee and Conversation, a lecture series started in January 2018. It is a biweekly dialogue featuring experts in public health, transportation, planning, engineering, and ethics who explore the many interrelated components of our complex transportation system.

Transportation Seminar Series at UT Knoxville

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Transportation Seminar Series features a variety of presentations by UTK experts engaged in transportation research. Some seminar recordings are available.

Weekly Transportation Safety Seminar series at UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley’s Weekly Transportation Safety Seminar series highlights the various research projects being conducted at UCB and beyond. The seminars provide a platform for both researchers and students to share ongoing and completed work, as well as get feedback on a work in progress.