Education Activities: Courses, Seminars, Events

Key objectives of CSCRS include developing and delivering courses based on road safety principles and systems-based approaches and methods.

Here are examples of CSCRS educational opportunities:

Safe Systems Summit: Redefining Transportation Safety

The Safe Systems Summit was held Apr. 23-24, 2019, Durham, NC, offering a learning environment to explore the underlying systems driving the national rise in traffic deaths, share findings from innovative new research, and develop insights into reducing transportation injuries and fatalities by utilizing both Safe Systems and systems thinking principles, tools, and techniques.

Students were invited to showcase transportation-related research, capstone and community projects as poster presentations at the Safe Systems Summit. 

College Courses

Every term CSCRS consortium partners deliver classes that explore transportation safety issues. Recent examples:

  • Duke combined undergraduate/graduate course: Human-Robot Interaction (CSCRS instructor: Missy Cummings)
  • FAU course: Introduction to Transportation (CSCRS instructor: Louis Merlin)
  • UCB graduate course: Injury Prevention and Control (CSCRS instructor: David Ragland)
  • UCB graduate course: Traffic Safety and Injury Control (CSCRS instructors: Offer Grembek, David Ragland)
  • UNC course: Complete, Safe, Equitable Streets (CSCRS instructor: Tabitha Combs)

    UNC students presenting projects from the Complete, Safe, Equitable Streets course.

  • UNC course: Transportation planning methods (CSCRS instructor: Noreen McDonald)
  • UTK undergraduate/graduate courses (multiple CSCRS instructors): 
    • Transportation Engineering I
    • Transportation Engineering II
    • Transportation Engineering II Lab
    • Transportation Seminar
    • Traffic Engineering: Characteristics
    • Traffic Engineering: Operations
    • Geometric Design
    • Transportation Planning Models
    • Sustainable Transportation
    • Analysis of Technology & Transportation Systems II
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems

Seminars, Other Events