Cutting-edge research, tools, data, and resources—compatible with a Safe Systems approach—are developed and utilized by professionals and the public at large to better understand and address existing and emerging road safety issues.

CSCRS mission and research objectives

CSCRS’s mission is to create and exchange knowledge to advance transportation safety through a multidisciplinary, Safe Systems approach. These key CSCRS objectives outline the Center’s core approach to research:

  • Perform road safety research that explores core safety issues and transformational changes.
  • Develop research-driven tools, resources, and data sets to support problem identification and understanding.
  • Support development of programs, policies, and practices proven to reduce fatalities.
  • Disseminate research products and findings, reaching new and non-traditional audiences.

CSCRS research in progress

Initial CSCRS research projects are looking at the Safe Systems approach from a foundational level, seeking to further explore how communities are defining the concept and incorporating public health and systems-thinking approaches. Learn more about our projects.

Final Reports

View CSCRS final research reports here.