Completed 2017 Research Project

Traffic Safety Practices in U.S. Cities: Survey and Focus Group Results

Principal Investigator
Eric Dumbaugh
Florida Atlantic University
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This study seeks to understand the state-of-the-practice for addressing safety in U.S. cities. It consists of a survey of the 150 largest cities in the U.S., by population size, as well as a focus group of individuals from cities recognized at being the forefront of addressing safety.

This study finds that cities view themselves as placing a higher priority on safety, and particularly the safety vulnerable users such as pedestrians and bicyclists, than do state departments of transportation, which are viewed as being principally concerned with automobile mobility.

More cities list safety as a policy goal over the mobility or congestion relief, though safety is often linked to broader quality-of-life concerns, such as supporting walking and cycling.

This report identifies the policies and practices adopted by cities, as well gaps between municipal safety policy statements and adopted implementation strategies.

Project Details

Project Type: Research
Project Status: Completed
Start Date: 3-1-2017
End Date: 11-15-2018
Contract Year: Year 1
Total Funding from CSCRS: $106,951
Co-sponsors: MacArthur Foundation Endowment
Collaborating Organizations: Florida Atlantic University; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill