2021 Research Project

US Regional Vision Zero Implementation

Principal Investigator
Kelly Evenson 
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
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This project aims to asses how Vision Zero (VZ) is being implemented nationwide at a regional level, with or without a plan, and identify strengths and weaknesses of differing approaches to safety programming. We propose developing systems thinking-based content and guidance materials to strengthen the implementation of VZ and Safe Systems approaches. We will address this project goal through a mixed-methods design, using quantitative and qualitative methods, with the intention of producing guidance for regional entities interested in initiating VZ. This proposed project builds upon several CSCRS projects: R1 (completed), R17 (completed), and RR2 (in progress to June 2021). In addition, we will continue to update the VZ library of plans that was initiated on the R17 project.

This project will develop materials that help stakeholders establish a firm foundation and deepen their understanding of the system (of policies, norms, funding streams, equitable/inequitable processes, etc.) underlying their road safety outcomes, setting the stage for more effective VZ planning and implementation.

Project Details

Project Type: Research
Project Status: Active
Start Date: 6/01/2021
End Date: 9/30/2022
Contract Year: Year 5
Total Funding from CSCRS: $97,463