Moving forward to meet ambitious safety targets requires a rigorous, conceptually driven and focused research agenda.

Our Approach

CSCRS is an integrated national safety center focused on the goal of reducing injuries and saving lives on our roadway system. CSCRS researchers will utilize a systems framework to bring together behavioral, engineering, epidemiological, technological, and planning perspectives to:

  • Develop research-driven tools and resources that increase adoption of programs, policies, and practices that are proven to reduce crashes and prevent injuries.
  • Train a multi-disciplinary workforce that develops and implements conceptually sound, scientifically grounded programs and policies to improve travel safety
  • Anticipate and respond to future challenges and opportunities as technology becomes more fully integrated into the transportation system.

Our Focus Areas

As a National University Transportation Center focused on safety, we will improve road safety in the U.S. by focusing our collaborative, multidisciplinary research efforts on four areas:

  • Risk Assessment – Dramatic improvements in road safety require better understanding of road user perceptions and reactions to risk, particularly as personal and vehicle technology evolves.
  • Integrated Systems Approach – Continued reduction of injuries and fatalities requires multi-disciplinary strategies utilizing a model that acknowledges the complexity of relationships between individual, technology, built environment, institutional, and policy levels.
  • Safety Data, Technology, and Methods – Comprehensive research requires insight from big data science, which includes sophisticated management and analytical approaches to link and analyze medical, EMS, and police data, as well as technology data from vehicles and infrastructure systems.
  • Transportation Workforce Culture – Further decreases in injuries and fatalities require broadening the set of professionals who understand how road safety impacts their programs and policies, and have the tools and knowledge needed to improve road safety.

Our Projects

Initial research is underway at CSCRS. Learn more about our projects.

Final Reports

This is where final reports for CSCRS research projects will be housed.